Happy Halloween

Hand carved pumpkin

Hand carved pumpkin

Happy Halloween from Create Display!

We hope you enjoy a fun filled weekend celebrating everything spooky, scary and Autumnal related.

As you can tell our favourite part (along with some great spooky music classics) is the pumpkin carving which has been part of Halloween tradition for generations.

pumpkin in garden

pumpkin in garden

Here we have created a simple welcoming display at the cottage by stringing up soft white fairy lights in a festive path to the front door.

A clear plastic shoe box has been quickly covered with recycled clear gold star wrapping paper. This provides a base to support a rectangular stone and  this jolly glowing alternative lantern.

A basic cm diameter white candle is stuck into the middle of the orange vegetable and lit with a match. The 'lid' is then popped on to add to the striking effect.

pumpkin cake and pumpkin soup

pumpkin cake and pumpkin soup

The wonderful thing about pumpkins is there is a whole big mixing bowl of pumpkin flesh with which to make delicious dishes. Here we have chosen to bake a pumpkin and cranberry cake with ginger and cinnamon. Warm up ready for going out into the cold with a healthy soup with red onions, lentils and spinach and plenty of spices.
Don't forget to bake those pumpkin seeds for 10 minutes,  yum!  


How To Upcycle a Designer Skirt into a One Off Dress

Finished Dress with Interior Textiles

Finished Dress with Interior Textiles

Buying second hand and vintage clothing like this colourful Pierre Cardin skirt is better for the environment.

It is worth re-cutting, customising and upcycling pieces you already own as it is a fun way of personalising your wardrobe and it ensures you use everything you have, for as long as possible.

As this dress is meant to be floaty and roomy to allow for wearing on hot days I am keeping the construction super simple. To start I laid the ironed skirt spread out flat, making sure the button and zip of the skirt is exactly at the middle of the back of the skirt, against the table.


Skirt to Dress Upcycle 1

Skirt to Dress Upcycle 1

Step 1:

Firstly take a garment from your existing wardrobe that fits and hangs well and use the shape as a guide for creating the arms and the body of the garment. This stripey Laura Ashley cotton jumper is perfect as a guide. Plus it will lie flat easily and not move around like other more silky shirts might.

I pin around the outline of the jumper and allowing 20mm for a seam allowance around the sweater and cut the new shape out of the skirt. I ignore the bottom hem of the jumper though, as I want my dress to be as long as the drop of the skirt was, finishing just a couple of centimetres above my knees.

Cutting Dress Pockets

Cutting Dress Pockets


Step 2:

Secondly, turn the two main pieces inside out. They are joined at what was the waistband of the skirt and is now the neckline of the dress, already complete with a zip and a button at the back of the neck.

Step 3:

Thirdly sew along the sides and underneath what will now be the sleeve edges on both sides reveal the dress shape ready to go. Make sure to leave generous openings for the hands and armholes to make sure that popping this tunic on a breeze. Turn the garment right side out again and lay front face up on the table.


Dress Pockets Ready to Stitch

Dress Pockets Ready to Stitch

Step 4:

The fourth step uses the lovely cut out fabric from the extra skirt width, which is now not needed. These offcuts are perfect for constructing a pair of useful pockets. Just make a template out of a piece of unwanted A4 printer paper (from your recycle bin) by folding the paper in half lengthways and using paper scissors to cut a curved shape that will fit the size of your hands neatly.

Step 5:

The fifth step is to cut out your pocket pieces and as before, leave a 20mm hem around the template.


Finished Dress in the Garden

Finished Dress in the Garden

Then cut out two lining pieces in exactly the same way. Pin the 'wrong' pocket sides together and sew around the edges leaving a gap that is large enough to pull the fabric the right way around again.

Step 6:

Then press and sew the gap up and you will have two pretty shaped pockets. Position the pockets on the front of the dress so you can put your hands into them easily at the right height and pin. Then just sew the pockets onto the front of the dress leaving them open and accessible at the top and sewing neatly along the edges of the lined pockets to keep them in place.

Your dress is now ready to wear, just a belt in a coordinating colour if you like to highlight your waist. This dress is fairly short in length but it has long sleeves that look good simply rolled up, so it is perfect for hot summer days.

As the mornings and evenings become cooler, cosy up by adding layers.

Co-ordinating tights, leggings, a cardigan or jacket all work well.

Add boots and a pashmina style wrap. and you are all set for Autumn.



How to Keep Your Home Cool with Coastal Textiles

Vintage tablecloth in Forest

Vintage tablecloth in Forest

This summer we have enjoyed a heatwave along the south coast of England.

The longer days and dry weather are useful for drying fabrics on the line outside.

We wanted to give a soft, cool and welcoming feel to our cottage this season so we have dyed some vintage textiles a luscious green.

Handmade Wall Hanging & Cushions by A Howse

Handmade Wall Hanging & Cushions by A Howse

This tablecloth is special because it has a beautiful lace detail and is excellent quality linen. However it was slightly marked in places as it is at least three generations old and has been stored in the loft for some years. So we gave it a new lease of life using Dylon machine wash dyes.

A rainbow of shades can be purchased for a few pounds from good haberdashery stores like Closs & Hamblin and Hobbycraft. Hardware stores with a big range like Robert Dyas in the UK are also a good place to look for Dylon displays.

Garden wall hanging by A Howse

Garden wall hanging by A Howse

I consider carefully before using machine dyes as the chemicals can be harmful to the environment if used in large quantities. I like to collect several pieces together of clothing and soft furnishings to get the most out of each load I put in my appliance. It is great to refresh and reinvent garments and home textiles and make them useful again.

This time I added to the project basket several cushion covers I made upcycling strips of pre-loved fabrics and sewing them together in stripes. The forest green colour by Dylon blends perfectly with the Van Gogh apples rug that can be seen here: http://www.createdisplay.com/?p=1961

Deer in West Sussex field photo by A Howse

Deer in West Sussex field photo by A Howse

The Osborne Bay wall hanging hanging above the chestnut leather sofas finishes off this cool textiles look.

The countryside view from the windows and the bold plants in this sitting room interior combine to add more soft lime and lush emerald hues. These botanical splashes are a great way to liven up the natural colour scheme of the walls, ceiling and furniture while keeping the overall look chilled and inviting.

https://www.dylon.co.uk/en/home.cky.html Dylon UK


New Wall Hanging Inspired by Spring Sunshine and Showers

Girl with Dog and Rainbow Wall Hanging by Amanda Howse

Girl with Dog and Rainbow Wall Hanging by Amanda Howse

My latest hand made wall hanging is inspired by the Spring rainbows that brighten up the skies during the cool changeable weather we get in West Sussex well into May.

This original piece features a young woman walking her dog along the shore at Bosham which is one of the historic waterside villages within the winding natural coastline and port of Chichester.

The old church at Bosham (which is featured in the Bayeaux tapestry) can be seen in the background.


Girl with Dog and Rainbow Wall Hanging by Amanda Howse

Girl with Dog and Rainbow Wall Hanging by Amanda Howse

Vintage fabrics by Viyella and Blendworth are used to construct the piece along with wools and beads to create this one off upcycled textile artwork.

Fabric paints and embroidery threads describe the colourful scene where the girl splashes through the water in her Wellingtons with her canine companion striding ahead.

Waves crash onto the beach and the windy day atmosphere is created with textured stitching in the sparkling water and extra applique clouds.

Girl with Dog and Rainbow Wall Hanging by Amanda Howse

Girl with Dog and Rainbow Wall Hanging by Amanda Howse

Painted poles give structure to the hanging which is finished with twisted copper wire ready for easy hanging.

This home accessory can be carefully rolled and transported easily and is ideal for those who travel or rent and like to move their pictures or change their interiors frequently.


For more details and to view and purchase other work in the collection head over to our online shop.

We are looking forward to more pieces in the pipeline to follow online over the next few weeks too…



Create Display Etsy Shop
Rainbow over Field West Sussex photo by Amanda Howse

Rainbow over Field West Sussex photo by Amanda Howse

This is one of the best rainbows we have enjoyed this Spring.

This 'pot of gold' is in a flowering rapeseed field looking towards the South Downs in West Sussex.

For more of the latest stories about what is happening on the South coast and beyond this season, check out our exciting new online news blog:





News and whats hot


Van Gogh Inspired Portraits and Arty March Madness

10 minute portrait of Xin by A Howse

10 minute portrait of Xin by A Howse

Walter deForest gave a superb performance as Van Gogh and brought the Dutch master's life and his work to life through telling his story. 

Participants were encouraged to draw their audience neighbours and this is a portrait in pen of a gentleman we just met called Xin.

As these were the first portraits we have done for some time we were pleased when Xin wanted to take it home to enjoy with his family who were also enjoying the cultural occassion.

Sunflower picture by A Howse

Sunflower picture by A Howse

Everyone drew sunflowers throughout the evening of course!

It was great to experience such a high qulity inclusive accessible arts production in an inner city area which is currently going through a lot of change and regeneration.

This community arts center is the home of Draper Together which is a charity that aims to forge a strong and positive community through its inclusive programme which focuses on youth arts and theatre.

Li girls drawings at Drapers Hall

Li girls drawings at Drapers Hall

Drawings by the Li girls at Drapers Hall[/caption]
People of all ages had an educational and fun time and everyone enjoyed the delicious home cooked supper and hot drinks that were provided so carefully by the enthusiastic team at Drapers Hall.
Cherry Blossom at Drapers Hall

Cherry Blossom at Drapers Hall


We look forward to going to more special shows at this Southwark centre soon and more brilliant crazy art days in the future!

We also plan to see the Van Gogh exhibition at tate Britain which is in London for a couple of months from the end of March and is sure to be a visual treat!

https://communitysouthwark.org/organisations-venues/venues/draper-hall Draper Hall


Walter deForest
https:/www.drapertogether.org/ Draper Together
https://www.tate.org.uk/whats-on/tate-britain/exhibition/ey-exhibition-van-gogh-and-britain Van Gogh at Tate Britain


Simple and Cosy Vintage Chair Makeover

Armchair with Cream Cover and Flower Border Trim

Armchair with Cream Cover and Flower Border Trim

This month we were lucky enough to receive a beautiful mahogany Victorian carver dining chair from a close family member who was downsizing recently.

This special seat was part of a set that had been handed down through the generations. It has been enjoyed by all who sat in it during numerous splendid gatherings in a spacious dining room in the country county of Kent.

This carved wooden armchair is wonderful memento of many jolly times around the table and still a very useful furniture piece.

Vintage Chair Before

Vintage Chair Before

Our 'garden room' in the cottage in West Sussex is normally used as a work room and provides an office and studio space with excellent natural light for writing, reading, computing, drawing, painting and sewing. This charming room needs one good comfortable cosy and attractive chair that can be used for all of these various activities.

The garden room also doubles as a guest bedroom for when friends from afar come to stay with us. A variety of fabrics are folded and draped on the cream metal bed as textile projects progress.

A soft and warm solution was required for this furniture newcomer to enable the seating to feel homely as well as being strong and practical.


New John Lewis Cushion on Vintage Chair

New John Lewis Cushion on Vintage Chair

First we added a large plain blue coloured cushion from John Lewis. We found an unwanted second hand cotton and polyester mix striped set of cream curtains in perfect condition. We cut off the curtain tapes so we were left with just the flat fabric to work with.

We measured all the sides of the chair individually starting with the front face and made a simple diagram on a piece of paper to record these basic dimensions.

Next we took an extra duvet cover in new condition and cut out the basic flat shapes that make up the front, back and inner sides of this vintage furniture piece. We ensured that the pieces would combine when sewn together to cover the whole item with around 10 centimetres of the feet of the chair left visible at the base.


Vintage chair cover side view

Vintage chair cover side view

This allows the floor to be seen underneath the loose cover which helps to visually open up the room and help keep it from feeling cluttered.

When all the parts were cut out of duvet wadding we attached them to the matching stripey fabric shapes for each part of the chair. We made sure that the wadding was tacked in place to the 'wrong side' of the fabric so it wouldn't be seen once in use. We used one piece of fabric to create a central 'draped seat' section that covers the blue cushion and minimise the amount of detailed sewing required.

By 'offering up' the fabric and using the chair as a template, a loose cover can be created quickly without the need for more than basic dimensions.

Loose chair cover with ribbon bow back tie

Loose chair cover with ribbon bow back tie

Hand sewing pieces together making sure the raw edges are left on the inside when the cover is finished can sometimes be quicker when making small projects. A degree of 'crafting' as you go along is involved.

The sewing machine can be used if it is easier or alternatively just for binding the longer seam joins if this is more comfortable.

This technique is reminiscent of wrapping a large present which is a slightly less than conventional shape!

Then once we were happy with the cover shape we stitched on two half a meter lengths of 10 centimetre wide cream ribbon. This was attached to the lower back face of the chair which then allows for easy removal whilst also gathering the loose cover into a more fitted shape.

Cream chair with flower border and cushion

Cream chair with flower border and cushion

A cute bow is tied to enhance the simple design.

We then took off the cover put to one side while we cut generous cream cotton lining fabric pieces to fit inside our stripey fabric and padded faces structure. Using the sewing machine combined with hand sewing we turned our cover inside out and attached all the lining faces. We took care to make sure the raw edges were on the outside this time so when the cover was turned the right way round again, all the sewn edges are all tucked neatly out of sight.

Finally using small stitches and cream thread we added a vintage Laura Ashley tulip design stencil border in soft pink and green on cream cotton all the way around the bottom edge of our freshly made loose covering.

An embroidered cream cotton scatter cushion with light pink flowers and crochet lace edging adds extra back support and coordinates perfectly with the other ivory soft furnishings in this peaceful and sunny room.

To see more hand crafted and original textiles by Create Display visit us at Bosham Walk or check out our online etsy shop….look out for more new pieces in the pipeline this Spring!


https://www.johnlewis.com/ John Lewis
https://www.lauraashley.com/en-gb/home Laura Ashley
https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/CreateDisplay Create Display Shop


Happy Valentines Day

Amanda with Fireworks Birds Wall Hanging

Amanda with Fireworks Birds Wall Hanging

Happy Valentines Day from Create Display!

We hope you are enjoying a Thursday full of love and laughter and have lots of special events with your nearest and dearest planned for this weekend too.

This year we are celebrating the romantic festival with a new wall hanging featuring two love birds and some fireworks in the sky above the harbour.

We also have a range of hand crafted fabric textile pieces that make great presents for giving to someone you know really well as a surprise that will delight them and add character and colour to their home.

Birds and Fireworks Wall Hanging

Birds and Fireworks Wall Hanging

All our textiles come with a designer label and are ready to hang and all made in the studio in Bosham in West Sussex.

We also added a string of hand made vintage wall paper hearts to our upcycled denim display at Bosham Walk Art and Craft Centre in West Sussex.

Whilst we were there we enjoyed a wonderful treat at Wendy's cafe with amazing chocolate cake (gluten free also available) and a delicious coffee.

Valentines Display Bosham Walk

Valentines Display Bosham Walk

The new restaurant redecoration is fantastic with a wood burning stove, beautiful dove grey walls hung with splendid nautical framed artwork and cosy cushions in lovely fabrics chosen by Shah who is one of the talented makers in the team.

The finishing touch is the roses and tulips on the tables and this makes Bosham Walk the perfect place to escape with your loved one for a stroll together by the water and a cosy catchup with tea and locally baked treats.

If you can't make it down to the south coast anytime soon do have a look at our etsy.com shop and feel free to get in touch….more new stock coming soon!

https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/CreateDisplay Create Display Shop
https://www.bosham-walk.co.uk/ Bosham Walk


Happy New Year from CreateDisplay.com

Create Display at Vintage & Very Nice Handmade Market in Chichester

Create Display at Vintage & Very Nice Handmade Market in Chichester

A very Happy New Year from CreateDisplay.com and we wish you all a brilliant 2019!

We hope you have a had a super Christmas or whatever holiday festival that you celebrate. December was a busy and creative month for us as I am sure it was for most people.

Dinghy Sailors at Bosham Harbour Textile Artwork by A Howse

Dinghy Sailors at Bosham Harbour Textile Artwork by A Howse

We enjoyed the arrival of the red nose reindeer's and some sparkling winter cheer with the makers at the Bosham Art and Craft Centre in West Sussex.

We added some new textile art pieces to our patchwork denim display in the gallery upstairs. Every year we decorate our homes and studio space enthusiastically.

Create Display Christmas Cards 2019

Create Display Christmas Cards 2019

This year we continued the tradition with handmade Christmas cards to give to friends and family we meet over the winter celebrations. Sparkling lights and reflections on water and living in Chichester harbour were the theme of this years designs which included views of the local village.
Vintage Very Nice Fair Entrance Assembly Rooms North Street

Vintage Very Nice Fair Entrance Assembly Rooms North Street

We were very pleased to be part of the 'Vintage and Very Nice' Christmas Vintage and Handmade Market that was held in the historic and monumental Assembly Rooms in North Street, Chichester, West Sussex.

It was an opportunity to team up with other small businesses and get into the festive spirit with around thirty different local makers and vintage experts.

Our 'pop up shop' featured a selection of our small and medium sized textile artworks and handmade gifts.


Handmade Fair Chichester Create Display Stand Side View

Vintege Very Nice Handmade Fair Chichester Create Display Stand Side View

Held over three days from November 29th to December 1st this event incorporated the first Christmas late night opening of the season and this was an opportunity for some bubbles and mince pies all round!

Special thanks to Daryl the Event Manager for some splendid leadership and impresive creativity to happily accommodate some extra sellers requesting stands at short notice.


Assembly Rooms  Christmas Fair, North Street Chichester

Assembly Rooms Christmas Fair, North Street Chichester

A massive thank you also goes to talented makers Jan and Vanessa for taking care that our exhibition stand was all sparkling and ready to go and making the time just fly along with their good fun and company.

We all really enjoyed meeting lots of new people and supporting other local artists. Plus we got to shop locally with all the tempting fashion, food and goodies at the fair.

We look forward to more special events this year and supporting more Vintage and Very Nice Fairs in 2019.

We wish everyone a wonderful year full of creativity, friendship and peace.

More details to follow soon about some of our new designs previewed here on our Christmas cards.
http://www.vintageandverynice.co.uk/ Vintage and Very Nice Fairs
https://www.bosham-walk.co.uk/ Bosham Walk Art & Craft Centre


Happy Bonfire Night

upcycled denim backdrop

upcycled denim backdrop

Happy Guy Fawkes night from Create Display! We love Bonfire night on the south coast of England and the bright flashes of colour really lift the spirits on a dark winters night.

This year the sky has been full of colour, bangs and wizzes as the fireworks burst into their neon glory all over our local village.

It is the perfect time to pop up our latest handcrafted design, an upcycled denim backdrop to add some nautical texture and really set off our colourful interior artworks.

local fireworks in the sky

local fireworks in the sky

We used a dozen pairs of old jeans to handmake this eco friendly display background. We are very pleased with how it adds individuality and interest to our area at Bosham Walk Art and Craft Centre.

The idea was inspired by the Japenese art of Boro where fabric was precious so Japenese people hand sewed hundereds of small pieces of denim together to make new materials they could make into clothing and home furnishings. 

recycled denim backdrop side view

recycled denim backdrop side view

Our Create Display Banner with silver stars is the perfect signage banner to top off our new display background.

We backed the blue and chestnut patchwork cloth with calico and added customised curtain tape to the hanging edge. Using a drill we attached a baton with brass hooks as high up as possible to give us maximum visual impact.

We look forward to adding new pieces of denim as we go along and as we put up fresh  pieces over the coming season.


Do visit us at Bosham Walk to see all the art and crafts arranged on two spacious floors.

Enjoy a stroll along the harbour and a delicious tea at Wendy's cosy cafe.

This thrifty recycled fabric wall hanging will be a creative customised collage that develops as we go forward.


Bosham Walk Art & Craft Centre



The Cool Crowd Flocks To Top Drawer

Kensington Olympia

Kensington Olympia

The Top Drawer Trade Show is organised bi-annually by Clarion Events and is held at Kensington Olympia in Hammersmith Road in London, England. This Autumn's event was held on the 9-11 September.

Buyers for all sorts of retail and leisure shops and boutiques in the UK and abroad make a bee line for the wonderfully diverse selection of enterprises available at Top Drawer.

Around 1000 design-led brands promote their wares and creatively make the best use of every meter of space they are allocated for their temporary pop-up shops.

Interior Designers and industry professionals also attend and they are often looking to furnish a variety of contemporary spaces with the latest quality merchandise.

There is a relaxed but slightly exciting feel in the vast iron and glass hall which was originally built in 1886.
Bombay Duck Top Drawer

Bombay Duck Top Drawer

The first day at Top Drawer has the advantage of finding all the new products first and being 'ahead of the game' for a busy week ahead.

Many traders sell stock directly from their stands allowing early bird visitors to choose the finest pieces first.

There is also an opportunity to order limited edition items before they run out.

AH at Parlane Top Drawer

AH at Parlane Top Drawer

Travelling on a Sunday to Olympia is a breeze for many folk living within striking distance of the capital who want to avoid any rush hour hassle.

In the manor of a department store the Top Drawer show was split up into sections that encompassed the relevant product ranges for 'home', 'gift', 'greetings and stationary' ,'wellbeing', 'play', 'fashion', 'craft' and a 'food emporium'.

A key part of the show was the mini masterclasses, demonstrations and presentations on stage which added to the 'fashion week' atmosphere. Eminent speakers with specialist knowledge shared the latest thinking and tips for creative businesses.

Spread over the three days this 'retailfest' attracted audiences keen to learn about everything from colour and design theory, to tips on international trading in a digital age.

The Home area was full of stylish natural looking products that would fit happily in both modern and traditional homes and work spaces.
The British Colour Standards

The British Colour Standards

Generally most wood, bamboo, ceramics, glass, leather and metal pieces all had a simple handmade feel. Rustic and friendly looking pieces that could be incorporated into many spaces with ease were in abundance.

Several manufacturers offered ranges in soft light colours reminiscent of the 1950's.

Furniture designs were comfortable and reassuring.

Luxury looking feature pieces in opulent materials like marble or velvet had metallic accents and a timeless investment look about them.

Bombay Duck made a statement entrance with a tiled carpet made of bold and witty doormats.

Annie Sloan presented a range of pure and plain fabrics in calming colours to accompany the famously chalky paint range.

Corkicle at Top Drawer

Corkicle at Top Drawer

Parlane showcased faux flowers and plants blended with pared down and elegant interior elements. Forma stacked super pastel bowls and colanders that are made of environmentally friendly bamboo and corn.

The British Colour Standard was the forerunner to the Pantone colours widely used today.

The hand dyed silk colour dictionary transported us back to the 1930's with splendid names such as pertunia purple, grenadine red and Brunswick Green.

If this show is anything to go by then Christmas 2018 stores, homes and leisure spaces will be a wholesome mix of traditional green trees and old fashioned toys.

There will probably be a flurry of sparkling glass droplets reflecting against gleaming mirrors in December.

Forma bamboo bowls at Top Drawer

Forma bamboo bowls at Top Drawer

Organic decorations made from real and dried greenery, interwoven with fruits and berries will almost certainly be thrown into the festive mix.

Extra candles and oil burners will provide a warming scent of spiced spruce.

Richly decorative wallpaper may elevate the most sophisticated dining rooms, sitting rooms and bedrooms.

Muted deep jewel coloured walls are fashionable and useful for encouraging a more adult 'boutique hotel' feel for those in the mood to entertain and enjoy long evenings full of soothing music and cosy conversation.

Merchandise available in the gifts section emulated the themes from the Home area and also additionally aspired to lift the spirit.

Small but beautiful and cleverly designed items that would be both a joy to give and receive could be found at many gift companies exhibiting.

Forma ceramics at Top Drawer

Forma ceramics at Top Drawer

Prints were unique and bright with crisp graphic patterns that are either botanical or from some exotic jungle.

Most of the striking gift items would happily enliven any home that would otherwise be rather too neutral.

Newcomer to the show Lily Juliet from New York spread out a glowing rainbow of opalescent acrylic bowls and kitchen accessories.

These Lily Juliet marbled pieces often feature shells from the far east encased within.

Corkcicle arranged in neat rows numerous gorgeously shaped and durable steel water bottles. The special portable drinks containers were decorated in liquorice allsorts tints.

The exhibition continued with small businesses stands groups on large 'wellbeing' mat.

Grand Illusions at Top Drawer

Grand Illusions at Top Drawer

The catalogue promised to quench “an indulgent expression…the endless quest to nourish body, mind and soul.”

The play area contained the strongest hues and merchandise to tempt any inner child with a “brand new treasure chest (which) has every kind of kids stuff.”

The jewellery and fashion accessories displays were situated on the first floor and gave the visitor an opportunity to meet the latest designers all in one place.

Bags were simple and functional with leather being popular. Scarves were voluminous, woven and heavy looking for the season and available in every paint box pigment. Jewellery was very wearable and made out of rose gold, gold or silver.

Delicate shapes and chains with simple designs and stones.

A dash of glamour and glitter was added by Annie Sherburne with her handmade diamante earrings, necklaces and brooches guaranteed to add some party spirit to the holiday celebrations.

Parlane Xmas at Top Drawer

Parlane Xmas at Top Drawer

We ventured off piste to the realms of the food emporium where we were tempted by the wonderful array of hand crafted delicacies. The thought, time and passion that had gone in to all the heavenly produce was impressive.

Delicious confectionery at Lavolio included little sugar eggs with marzipan and nuts and a whole host of fun and nutritive flavours.

Aelder Elixir was selling an distinctive elderberry liqueur made in Scotland that is perfect to heat things up as the temperature falls.

The Hawkshead Relish company produce over 100 relishes, pickles and preserves.

We particularly liked Hawkshead Relish's chunky Christmas table version.

New start up business Cult vinegar lead the way with an impressive combination of very tasty tonics that also improve gut health.

Tii-Pii is a novel brand from down under that has reimagined the hammock

Tii-Pii hammock at Top Drawer

Tii-Pii hammock at Top Drawer

The large cone shaped canvas hanging basket to relax and enjoy time alone of with close friends and family comes in its own carry case like a tent.

We have added one to our garden wish list but you can use them to make a snug hideaway indoors too.


The sheer quality of the home, fashion and food ranges on display at the show was extremely encouraging and an indication of the ambition and the determination to succeed in small British business right now.  

Bombay Duck


Annie Sloan


Lily Juliet






Aelder Elixir


Hawkshead Relish


Cult Vinegar


British Colour Standard



https://www.bluestonegallery.com/news/annie-sherburne-jewellery/ Annie Sherburne