Spring into Simple Minimalism with a Flourish in 2018

Rigging the Red Boat

Rigging the Red Boat

Spring time in England is all about refreshing and maintaining our homes and gardens ready for the sunshine and fair weather to arrive.

If you love to get out on the water it is time to 'shake down' to the harbour and get your boat shipshape too.

Our new “Rigging the Red Boat” nautical textile picture adds a splash of cheerful coastal chic and is handmade in West Sussex using vintage fabrics.


This Spring we are embracing a simple minimalist approach to designing our interiors. Well thought out schemes have layouts with clear activities assigned to each organised space. This ensures our homes and offices have a spirit of calm and positive energy.

Top Drawer exhibition with PR Home stand

Top Drawer exhibition with PR Home stand

Natural architectural features are highlighted where possible to celebrate the period of the building.

Industrial materials such as steel, aluminium, brass, copper, cast iron and ceramic provide the functional structure for this years clean looking modern rooms that exude architectural elegance, durability and character of their own.

Fashionable metals in gold, silver, rose, bronze and copper add interest to textured wall backdrops in honest materials such as brick, wood, concrete and plaster and painted neutral colours.

Grand Illusions Top Drawer Tulips

Grand Illusions Top Drawer Tulips

The outdoors moving indoors concept continues to be a key theme this year. It is therefore a great idea to add boldly sized sculptural plants in a variety of ceramic and metallic pots throughout the house.

Added greenery generously injects colour and shape at an affordable price for everyone As well as looking naturally great they give the extra benefit of absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing healthy oxygen.

Environmentally friendly and reinvented furnishings can be seen in all the right places at the moment. Currently second hand, upcycled, vintage and recycled pieces are really desirable and add individuality and a relaxed style to contemporary living spaces. Plus they are good for the planet so what's not to love?

Create Display Flunting on  Apples Rug

Create Display Flunting on Apples Rug

This season handmade and hand painted fashion accessories and gifts for the home feature organic shapes and beautiful upbeat patterns.

Our handmade flunting garlands are made using recycled fabric are shown here on a Danish vintage wool Da Vinci apples rug and can be hung up easily to brighten up any plain wall.

As an antidote to all this seriously responsible design, we are ready to get excited about some light-hearted, pretty and fresh new furnishing trends when updating our pads ready for the warmer weather in the UK.

Create Display Textiles at Bosham Walk

Create Display Textiles at Bosham Walk

The Top Drawer show leads the way showcasing many colourful new products including acrylics and recycled plastics that will appear in shops in the UK from February. The colourful accessories on display are designed to add a rainbow of youthful fun to our interiors.

These stylish and sweet pieces are meant to add a twist and can be easily swapped or updated every year or so.

Power pastel colours are back in a big way for 2018 and available to add an uplifting dash of Spring joy to your life. Adding bright accents is de rigueur for everything from artwork to soft furnishings to kitchenware right now. Bosham Walk Art and Craft Centre in Chichester harbour in West Sussex has twenty unique craft shops and is a brilliant place to find delightfully special elements to add a finishing touch.

These high calorie candy hues should be enjoyed as a delicious visual treat but use them sparingly to prevent any of your room schemes becoming syrupy cocktails and unwittingly overpowering your decoration like a Barbies boudoir.

http://www.bosham-walk.co.uk/ Bosham Walk Art & Craft Centre
https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/CreateDisplay Create Display Etsy Shop
https://www.topdrawer.co.uk/#/ Top Drawer Show  Olympia, London
https://prhome.co.uk/ PR Home
http://www.grandillusions.co.uk/ Grand Illusions


A merry berry Christmas

berry merry Christmas

berry merry Christmas

Have yourselves

a berry merry Christmas

and a berry brilliant 2018

Many thanks, happy holidays and best wishes from Create Display.

We hope you enjoy this years original handpainted card with robins and berrys in Bosham Harbour.

Come and join in the festive fun down at Bosham Walk. We are just closed on Christmas Day but our etsy shop site will be open, have fun!




See A Rainbow Inside On A Grey Winters Day

Horses Bosham rainbow handmade textile art sky

Horses Bosham rainbow handmade textile art

Over the last ten years many homes in the UK and beyond have had a neutral colour makeover in order to give their interiors a more modern fresh feel and also to appeal to prospective buyers or tenants who all have different in tastes and preferences.

This can make even the grandest architecture seem rather dull and on an overcast day in England a radiant solution is needed to banish any boredom.

Rainbow in Bosham

Rainbow in Bosham

Bringing the outside in is definitely a trend that is here to stay and what could be more uplifting than adding an unexpected rainbow to a room or scheme to your home or work place?

With the chilly weather more changeable than ever why not go with the flow and reflect the joys of wintery days with painting your place with vivid furnishings with a splash of luck.

Fabric display El Corte Ingles

Fabric display El Corte Ingles

Choosing multicoloured window treatments, furniture, upholstery, art or accessories is a youthful, easy and quick way to update the look of your space.

One straightforward tip is to use stripey or patterned fabric in dazzling hues to make simple cushions or throws to place on existing furniture.

Another good idea to brighten up your mood at this time of year is by 'painting' on plain walls with a prism of light in the form of pretty decorative tree lights that will create instant glowing hues.

Espai Home glass display

Espai Home glass display

This is a good quick fix solution for renters. 3M adhesive hooks can be used that won't make any holes in the walls. 

A collection of luminous glasses gives a vibrant and stunning feature that would look good on a shelf, table or fireplace and William Morris would approve of this gleaming display that is both beautiful and useful.


Valencia flower market

Valencia flower market


The key to adding interior elements that combine the whole of the colour spectrum is that less is more.

A simple white, cream, light sand or silver grey background makes an ideal base for adding a few strong statement pieces.

If you are on a budget dip your toe in the water and create an eye catching bunch by arranging a spectrum of different flowers in an in a brilliant vase and see how your spirits soar.

If you have the option to make a more long term investment both patterned carpet and vinyl is making a welcome comeback for 2018.

Carpetright stripey carpet

Carpetright stripey carpet

Add visual interest to an area that lacks charachter with carpet that provides a durable surface that easily hides any small marks while also making a beaming style statement.

You can use the direction of stripes to visually widen a narrow room too. Carpetright sell a good selection from £12.79 per square metre.

For more unique and bold wall hangings, textile pictures and hanging organisers with style for your scheme visit our online etsy shop today.

https://www.etsy.com/uk/people/createdisplay Create Display Shop
https://www.elcorteingles.es/ El Corte Ingles Shop
http://guixeres.com/espai-home/ Espai Home Shop
https://www.carpetright.co.uk/ Carpetright Shop


Refreshing Your Home with a Blue and White Colour Scheme

Swan hanging organiser

Swan hanging organiser

The crisp sunny days of Autumn are a great time to add some updates with natural character around your house.

An original choice would be this handmade upcycled art accessory by Create Display. Inspired by Bosham quay in Chichester harbour, West Sussex, this nautical piece will add buckets of seaside charm to your space.

The brass hooks keep your favourite things organised and handy in the kitchen, hall or bedroom.

Anthropology Shop Sculpture

Anthropology Shop Sculpture

On the subject of reusing materials to give a coastal feel, we love this blue and white crafted denim waterfall sculpture in the Anthropology store in Guildford, Surrey.

This sculptural display shows how simple squares of fabric in turquoise and soft blues can add texture and depth to your environment.

Flooring in Ceramics Museum Valencia

Flooring in Ceramics Museum Valencia

Our travels to Valencia in Spain have inspired us to introduce china blue and porcelain white into the home.

These photographs are from the wonderful Ceramics museum in the city Valencia.

Tableware Ceramics Museum Spain

Tableware Ceramics Museum Spain

This cultural attraction is well worth a visit as the architecture of the museum is an artwork of ceramics in itself, boasting an amazing sculptural exterior.

This splendid exhibition is a classic combination of a pale glaze and Wedgewood blue that would be easy to live with and stylish too.

Zara Home textile display

Zara Home textile display

A contemporary take on this theme can be seen at the Spanish Zara home store where indigo and chalk hued towels, cushions and throws would look smart in any modern room.

Tall open shelves can also be a great way to showcase neat linen and accessories. 

This type of storage keeps everything tidy and also visible so none of your best furnishing gems get forgotten.

Papa Pique & Maman Coud Window Display

Papa Pique & Maman Coud Window Display

A simple colour scheme need not be boring as interest can be added in the details.

On the French coast handmade textiles by Papa Pique, a boutique in La Touquet, in northern France introduce intricate patterns with blue, white and red set against a periwinkle and cream shop window display.

My Gifts Trade at Top Drawer

My Gifts Trade at Top Drawer

In London Kensington Olympia the Top Drawer trade fair for home interiors in the retail industry takes place bi-annually.

This Autumn MyGiftsTrade showcased the prints and designs of John Hinchcliffe, creating a display with impact that could be emulated in a striking naval colour scheme suitable for any fashionable English home. Many of the pieces in the collection are made in Britain too.

Kitchen Interior in Sussex with Total Tiles Floor

Kitchen Interior in Sussex with Total Tiles Floor

Inspired by 16th century Delftware, this month we are over the moon with these Skyros wall and floor tiles from Total Tiles.They look very welcoming in a kitchen in a cottage in West Sussex that is being completely refurbished.

For more nautical textiles to brighten up your country manor or coastal retreat check out our Create Display etsy shop.

Links and References:  
Create Display Etsy Shop https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/CreateDisplay

Bosham Walk




National Museum of Ceramics, Spain


Zara Home


Papa Pique and Maman Coud

My Gifts Trade http://www.mygiftstrade.co.uk/

Total Tiles



Create Display Steps into Summer 17 with Spring Brights in Copenhagen

Magasin in Full Bloom

Magasin in Full Bloom

Natural Background

All the sophisticated Scandanavians are renowned for choosing a soft neutral palette of colour in both their retail and home interiors.

The Danes are experts at adding layers of texture to create interesting homes and work spaces.


Floral Table Magasin

Floral Table Magasin

A backdrop of natural materials such as wood, ceramic, glass and natural fabrics such as cotton and even velvet (which is usually reserved for the coldest months) can be still seen all over town this summer.

Simple textures with brights is a theme in the most stylish interiors throughout the city.

Illums Bolighus Window

Illums Bolighus Window

Organic shapes are also important in fashionable places this year and modern furniture, lighting and rugs in rounded and soft flowing shapes give a happily retro and comfortable feel to living spaces.

Denim is a most wanted fabric of this season and the new versions included highly decorated and embroidered and upcycled fashion pieces.

Flower Market Copenhagen

Flower Market Copenhagen

Pass the Pastels

At Easter in stores around Copenhagen this April, sweet pastel colours burst through the bleak blankets of industrial winter shades.

Following fast are fresh flowers in candy hues that spring up all over town as if they refuse to contain themselves into just the bustling florists' stalls.

Magasin Bright Display

Magasin Bright Display

As the Danish enjoy frequently entertaining and socialising at home, there were several dining room displays showing how to lay an inviting Spring table.

Elegant tall vases full of Spring branches and flowers provided a central focus to pretty pastel coloured textiles and floral tableware.


Norgaard pa Stroger Display

Norgaard pa Stroger Display

Ceramic easter eggs and sugar candy added seasonal charm too. The look is nostalgic, sweet and feminine and everything looks good enough to eat!

Bright On

Summer 2017 officially started when the Danish swapped their neutral wooly layers for sunny bold colours.

Pink is popular and rosy petal shades can be seen in fashion and homeware. Red accessories add pops of accent colour to classic navy, cream and tan.

Illums Bolighus Gold Plated Display

Illums Bolighus Gold Plated Display

Sunshine Days

In exclusive department stores beautiful well crafted objects in silver and gold reflect the sunshine of the cold crisp Spring days.

Flashes of metallic brightness gleam from within the most exclusive of boutiques. Georg Jensen (a famous silversmith) is a good example of a successful Danish brand.

These shiny objects remind us of the superb craftsmanship this country still has in metalwork, cutlery making, and designing in steel, silver and precious metals. 

Magazin, Copenhagen


Illums Bolighus


Mads Norgaard


Georg Jensen


Get Your Home Refreshed and Ready for Spring 17

Sitting Room with Green Stripe Textiles

Sitting Room with Green Stripe Textiles

We're getting fresh and all spruced up in time for Spring.

We love the green colour trend for a new home furnishings look that is popping up in many fashionable European interiors this season.

It is the perfect time to review the space, furniture, elements and items that make up your home.

Bosham Harbour View with Ducks Fabric Picture by A Howse

Bosham Harbour View with Ducks Fabric Picture by A Howse

To start we recommend picking a simple Spring colour scheme for an easy update.

In this example I have chosen a bright apple green and silver grey which I am adding to my existing interior palette.

This is currently calico cream painted walls and woodwork, natural wood furniture, sand and light terracotta curtains, nude colour fitted wool carpet and chestnut leather sofas. Our basketware storage adds interest.

Keep it simple – two main colours and one or two accent colours is plenty.
Handmade stripe cushions

Handmade stripe cushions

Renting a house can be the ideal way to enjoy living in the perfect location for your requirements, especially in very upmarket area.

Updating your interior, when your property is a rented home, is a more challenging but thankfully not an impossible task.

Certain elements in a room may want to be maintained as they are special to the family. It may be a limited budget dictates what stays, or an admirable effort by people in the house to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Table detail with hand decorated bowl

Table detail with hand decorated bowl

This sitting room pictured is in a cottage of a charming long term rental property on farmland near Chichester harbour.

Here is an example of how to create a contemporary and inviting interior, that keeps up with the latest look, while keeping the existing neutral walls and floor coverings that need to remain in place, to keep everyone in agreement.

Keeping major expenditure to a minimum and spending only on pieces that can be taken with you to a new place, if required, is a good practical idea when furnishing a rental property. A good example of this would be a new area rug to add interest.
Cottage Sitting Room Detail

Cottage Sitting Room Detail

We used Dylon fabric dye in tropical green to dye some fabric we already had in storage.

After using the washing machine to dye our textiles to the required shade, we mixed these pieces with cream and patterned pieces that went with our scheme.

Simple and original new cushion covers were made by sewing these stripes of fabric together with a sewing machine.

The same process was used for the table cloth and coordinating lighting and accessories. Green tones and silvers were selected to continue the theme.

Artwork reflecting both the surrounding countryside and nautical location, finishes the freshly updated interior design.

Natural textures and soft lighting are brilliant for creating a relaxed informal feel for receiving Spring visitors. This vibrant combination suits the addition of big statement greenery such as these tall yucca plants that help to bring the outdoors feel inside.

Quality handcrafted and handmade furnishings that are made locally, are having a style moment which is great news for everyone. The idea is to choose unusual and unique objects that make your home special and an extension of your own and your family's personality.

It's the perfect time to head down to your local gallery or craft center and see what makers in your town or village have to offer, to complete your new Spring look.

For more fun ideas for perfecting your pad, do come and see us and all the creative folk at Bosham Walk Art and Craft Center.


Browse the latest Create Display wall art and accessories in our online shop. 


Check out Dylons range of colours for revamping older fabrics and remember naural fabrics like cotton and linen work best.          



Seeing Stars this Christmas

Star Sign Create Display

Star Sign Create Display

We are literally seeing stars this Christmas as we add some extra sparkle to our display at Bosham Walk with our new Create Display signage.

This December we have magical scenes depicted in handmade paper mache and decoupage mirrors.

Create Display at Bosham Walk

Create Display at Bosham Walk

Local views of the harbour are found in our hand painted embroidered and appliqued pictures made from best quality recycled fabrics.

Our new blackboards and hangers feature hand painted upcycled oak panels and sturdy brass hooks that can help keep everyone organised on frosty mornings.

Bosham Walk Reindeer Entrance

Bosham Walk Reindeer Entrance

The reindeers have arrived at Bosham Walk and their handcrafted willow forms reflect the handmade gifts and personalised products that are found inside in the 30 or so shops selling locally produced items.

So be green and shop local at the harbour and while you are here why not enjoy a special Christmas tea at Wendy's to make your day special.


Look out for Create Display at Drapers Yard, the designer and makers market at Clothkits Shop, Chichester, West Sussex on Saturday 10th December plus more details to follow soon… Hot coffee and Christmas baking are available!


If you can't make it to West Sussex don't worry let us know how we can help you with personalised gifts at our facebook page


or just get in touch and say hello on twitter


We hope you enjoy the cold crisp days and all the fun and festivities! 


Interior Design Sparks This Autumn’s Adventures

Golden Harbour Textile Art

Golden Harbour Textile Art by Create Display

This October we are enjoying the last of the Indian summer days in West Sussex in England.

It is the perfect time to escape to the harbour after the visiting summer crowds have gone back to business and enjoy the beautiful sunsets and cosy village pubs.

As the temperatures start to fall, our thoughts turn to transforming our homes into a welcoming and snug retreat.

Trees Swirl Mirror by Create Display

Trees Swirl Mirror by Create Display

Making the most of these crisp fine days, we look for brilliant interior updates that will inspire us on our way to our next Autumn adventure.

At Create Display we are focusing on this seasons glowing elemental colours.

We recommend packing away summery furnishings and adding fresh interior accessories that will quickly and easily create a warm haven feel in your house.

Lights by Lush Designs, Deptford, London

Lights by Lush Designs, Deptford, London

At the Top Drawer trade only exhibition in London's Kensington Olympia Lush Designs lead the way.

Lush Design and their marvellous lampshades are based in Deptford with a shop in Greenwich, London.

The enchanting woodland designs  included charming animals with lots of folk style.

We have definitely put these unusual orange lights on our Fall wish list as they are perfect for illuminating with character to any room.

Keith Brymer Jones demonstrates hand throwing with Amanda Howse at Top Drawer

Keith Brymer Jones hand throws ceramics with Amanda Howse at Top Drawer

Simplicity is key to the new range of ceramics by Keith Brymer Jones of the B.B.C. television series The Great Pottery Throw Down fame.

The Top Drawer event was showcasing Brymer Jones new kitchenware collection and we were lucky to have the opportunity to talk with Keith personally about the latest in handmade crafting and his latest work.

We so enjoyed  watching the super talented master craftsman himself, hand throwing his beautiful pots, mugs and bowls.

Bright Bisley desk and filing cabinets at Top Drawer

Bright Bisley desk and filing cabinets at Top Drawer

The Bisley company are well known for their quality filing cabinets and at their stand at Top Drawer quite unexpectedly the leafy sunset shades continued.

The quality Bisley storage range is made in the UK. Keeping everything organised and adding a bright pop of colour is now possible.

This year Bisley have created some super work station desk furniture that would be a perfect investment for any home or office.

Cushions by Cozy Living Copenhagen

Cushions by Cozy Living Copenhagen

At the 100% Design show in Kensington Olympia, London we found a full hall of companies exhibiting their commercial and residential interiors.

We were immediately transported back to nature with a big wooden cabin interior at Andrew Martin fabrics.

Here soft textured velvet cushions shimmer at the display belonging to Cozy Living from Copenhagen.


The emphasis on real 'honest' materials continued with a wonderful selection of ceramics, marbles and stones, concrete, papers, wools, silks, and many types of wood.
These beautiful and simple materials were crafted into superbly made furniture and also kitchens, bathrooms, flooring and wall finishes.
We also noted that natural materials posing as other natural materials was also a happening trend this year. For example porcelain ceramic that looks like wood. Concrete that looks like porcelain ceramic and glass that looks like quartz stone.
Mero Wings Woodland Furniture

Mero Wings Woodland Furniture

At the German retailer Mero Wings stand at Top Drawer there were durable waterproof fabrics that are printed with photo realistic trees and bushes.

Then Mero Wings have cleverly made them into contemporary furniture that is suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

Investing in a few classic interior pieces that have fine lines and textured finishes will have a comforting and uplifting effect in your living space. These new additions will also be useful items for creating your own homely haven in 2017 and beyond.




Lush Design London

Lush Design and Online Shop London

Keith Brymer Jones Ceramics 

Keith Brymer Jones Online Shop, London

Bisley Storage and Furniture

Bisley Storage and Furniture UK

Mero Wings Furniture

Mero Wings Furniture Germany

Create Display Online Shop

Create Display Online Shop

Fall For an Autumn Sunset Inspired Update

Bedroom Design by Create Display

Bedroom Design by Create Display

As the leaves and the temperatures start to fall, now is the time to update your home interior with the colours of Autumn.

Inspired by the wonderful sunsets that can be enjoyed in England at this time of year you can easily add warmth and colour to your home.

For extra well being when you are relaxing, celebrate this beautiful season by bringing the outdoors inside.

Bedroom Interior Design Detail

Bedroom Interior Design Detail

This country cottage bedroom provides the perfect backdop to enjoy the sun setting over the fields. The custom made bedspread adds an extra warm layer thanks to the fleece blanket lining.

The original Create Display bed throw also creates a center point in the room. This is because of the bright and glowing rosy orange fabric, edged with a deep border of gold, olive green and greyed blue.

This bedroom make over has been crafted using quality second hand fabric from Blendworth fabrics in Hampshire which has been given a current twist by the use of a deep border in the design.

The pretty old mahogany dressing table has been handed down through the family so we have just carefully topped the piece with the same feature fabric to match.

Using antique and second hand items is good for the environment and adds stacks of character which is great for a country cottage like this one which was first built in the 1860's.

The vintage bedside table and ceramic lamp base has been painted with Homebase own woodwork paint in Wild Willow and given an acrylic varnish.

Wine and gold vintage braid has been added to the ties on bedstead hanging and around the linen lampshades to unite the scheme and add a finishing touch.

A cream cotton chintz fabric with a silver 'fleur de lieu' pattern has been chosen for two generous handmade scatter cushions. This adds a further accent and unites the design scheme.

Autumn 16 at 100% Design

Autumn 16 at 100% Design

This September the London interior home furnishing shows 100% Design and Top Drawer were full of suppliers to the home furnishing trade offering wonderful ranges of velvets and knitted textures, checks and tweeds and metallic and glistening finishes.

The halls at Olympia in Kensington, London were full of inspiration for creating both cosy homes and office environments.

This season retailers in the UK are going to be offering customers luxurious and sophisticated furniture and all the elements for creating a warm and inviting haven inside.

Look out for colours and shapes from the 1950's and lots of natural finishes such as wood grains, ceramics, marbles, wools and glass.

More details on how to create the latest trends for Autumn Winter 2016 in your home to follow!


Staycation Style: How to Celebrate Summer Holidays at Home by the Seaside

This summer many people have chosen to enjoy a staycation holiday. Lots of folk are making the most of their homes and gardens and treating themselves to vacation breaks by the sea in England.

So what to do to get your home ready to enjoy the seaside? Here is our guide to giving your home a living by the harbour feel.

Textile Wall Art View Across Bosham Harbour

Textile Wall Art View Across Bosham Harbour

We recommend cheering up your interior with nautical accessories and investing in some jolly picnic wear, bags and blankets that will inspire you to hop on your bikes or into an open top car and head for the coast.

Add instant sea breezes to any room with a view of the harbour and a blue summer sky whatever the weather.


This piece is from our current Bosham Walk collection and features extra texture with hand embroidery. Bosham Walk website here

Wall Hanging Boats at Osborne Bay

Wall Hanging Boats at Osborne Bay

Sail round the Island without even leaving your bedroom with a wall hanging depicting yachts in Osborne Bay.

A large applique textile artwork like this is ideal for hanging above sofas and beds and adding softness to rooms with a lot of hard surfaces.

Seaside Snug Bedroom Interior

Seaside Snug Bedroom Interior

Create a snug day bed corner to read up on the latest yachting news and fill a stripey beach bag with a good beach read to enjoy at your leisure.

Get in the mood to be by the sea with layering a metal bed with blue and green handmade throws topped with hand painted stripey cushions.

Add wall hangings with a sea view and throw in some jolly motifs from the coast, like this applique sea horses fabric picture. Contact us for prices on all the handmade and vintage textiles.

The metal double bed frame is 'Leirvik' from Ikea and is £79 and the side table is also from Ikea but is past season. A similar one is 'Hemnes' which is £70. Ikea website here

The lamp with large glass beads is from a selection at Laura Ashley. Laura Ashley website here
'Skipper' fabrics at Falcon Fabrics

'Skipper' fabrics at Falcon Fabrics

If you fancy going the whole way with a nautical theme every day at your house Falcon fabrics in Chichester do a lovely range of fabrics.  Falcon Fabrics website here

They are very suitable for creating striking coastal interiors with prices from ten pounds a metre.

Sail Away Bag Marine Superstore

Sail Away Bag Marine Superstore

A boaty cool bag will set your day trip to the English coast in style and will keep your picnic lunch fresh too. Marine Superstore website here

This '39 cm sail away' version is from the Marine Superstore in Chichester marina, West Sussex and is a very reasonable £8.95.

Staying in your own abode can sometimes be the most relaxing way forward. This easy option certainly avoids the unexpected delays, dodgy facilities, school holiday price hikes and the melting UK pound exchange rate.
It is more expensive than ever to take a holiday abroad especially if there are more than one or two in the family. So many British tourist attractions are enjoying a busy season and people are making the most of the hundreds of miles of natural coastline in the United Kingdom.

Give your homes seaside make-over the finishing touch by tuning into your favourite Balearic island cafe tunes or listening to a good old fashioned round of the Beach Boys.

Complete the effect for all the senses with the scent of the ocean. John Lewis Croft Collection white and glass coastal breeze candles last 25 hours and cost £20 each. John Lewis website here

Whether its exotic islands abroad or a Do It Yourself version in your own local area, wherever the creative wind takes you this August, we wish you a bon voyage!