New for Autumn 15 Interiors: Make a Splash with Nautical Textiles

Bosham Walk Wall Hangings by Create Display

Bosham Walk Wall Hangings by Create Display

It has been a lively year so far at Create Display!

We have been working on a few interesting new residential design projects in 2015.

Our passion for contemporary interiors and improving homes and work spaces in the South East of England continues with renewed enthusiasm.

The team at Bosham Walk Art and Craft Centre have also had an exciting summer with the Americas Cup bringing many new visitors to both Portsmouth and Chichester harbours.
This creative combination of mini shops contains more than 20 local artists and is situated in Bosham right next to picturesque Bosham harbour in West Sussex, in the South East of the UK.

We are delighted at Create Display to be part of this special creative collaboration.

An exciting new refurbishment project is now underway this month that will give our favourite cafe a very stylish update.

Nautical Textiles and Paintings by Create Display

Nautical Textiles and Paintings by Create Display

Our new nautical collection moored up this week at the Create Display shop in the Bosham Walk.Inspired by the colour and light on the water at Chichester harbour these pieces are all handmade original artworks.

These textile wall hangings are hand stitched and made from recycled and vintage fabrics.

The mixed media paintings combine painting and collage to form unique textures.


Countryside Textiles & Wall Art by Create Display

Countryside Textiles & Wall Art by Create Display

For those that are more inclined to be in the garden than at the seaside, we have also included our South Downs range which celebrates the country, nature and flowers.

A combination of painting, sewing, tapestry, beading and crafting is used during the making process and this collection includes a few upcycled items too.

As all our wall art is designed and handmade locally, each wall hanging is different and we are confident nobody else will have the same individual item brightening up their interior.

Our flower bunting and brooches remain popular and add to the fun and 3-dimensional feel.

Bosham Walk is open every day of the year – see the website for more information or contact us for more details.