Get Your Home Refreshed and Ready for Spring 17

Sitting Room with Green Stripe Textiles

Sitting Room with Green Stripe Textiles

We're getting fresh and all spruced up in time for Spring.

We love the green colour trend for a new home furnishings look that is popping up in many fashionable European interiors this season.

It is the perfect time to review the space, furniture, elements and items that make up your home.

Bosham Harbour View with Ducks Fabric Picture by A Howse

Bosham Harbour View with Ducks Fabric Picture by A Howse

To start we recommend picking a simple Spring colour scheme for an easy update.

In this example I have chosen a bright apple green and silver grey which I am adding to my existing interior palette.

This is currently calico cream painted walls and woodwork, natural wood furniture, sand and light terracotta curtains, nude colour fitted wool carpet and chestnut leather sofas. Our basketware storage adds interest.

Keep it simple – two main colours and one or two accent colours is plenty.
Handmade stripe cushions

Handmade stripe cushions

Renting a house can be the ideal way to enjoy living in the perfect location for your requirements, especially in very upmarket area.

Updating your interior, when your property is a rented home, is a more challenging but thankfully not an impossible task.

Certain elements in a room may want to be maintained as they are special to the family. It may be a limited budget dictates what stays, or an admirable effort by people in the house to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Table detail with hand decorated bowl

Table detail with hand decorated bowl

This sitting room pictured is in a cottage of a charming long term rental property on farmland near Chichester harbour.

Here is an example of how to create a contemporary and inviting interior, that keeps up with the latest look, while keeping the existing neutral walls and floor coverings that need to remain in place, to keep everyone in agreement.

Keeping major expenditure to a minimum and spending only on pieces that can be taken with you to a new place, if required, is a good practical idea when furnishing a rental property. A good example of this would be a new area rug to add interest.
Cottage Sitting Room Detail

Cottage Sitting Room Detail

We used Dylon fabric dye in tropical green to dye some fabric we already had in storage.

After using the washing machine to dye our textiles to the required shade, we mixed these pieces with cream and patterned pieces that went with our scheme.

Simple and original new cushion covers were made by sewing these stripes of fabric together with a sewing machine.

The same process was used for the table cloth and coordinating lighting and accessories. Green tones and silvers were selected to continue the theme.

Artwork reflecting both the surrounding countryside and nautical location, finishes the freshly updated interior design.

Natural textures and soft lighting are brilliant for creating a relaxed informal feel for receiving Spring visitors. This vibrant combination suits the addition of big statement greenery such as these tall yucca plants that help to bring the outdoors feel inside.

Quality handcrafted and handmade furnishings that are made locally, are having a style moment which is great news for everyone. The idea is to choose unusual and unique objects that make your home special and an extension of your own and your family's personality.

It's the perfect time to head down to your local gallery or craft center and see what makers in your town or village have to offer, to complete your new Spring look.

For more fun ideas for perfecting your pad, do come and see us and all the creative folk at Bosham Walk Art and Craft Center.

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Check out Dylons range of colours for revamping older fabrics and remember naural fabrics like cotton and linen work best.