Spring into Simple Minimalism with a Flourish in 2018

Rigging the Red Boat

Rigging the Red Boat

Spring time in England is all about refreshing and maintaining our homes and gardens ready for the sunshine and fair weather to arrive.

If you love to get out on the water it is time to 'shake down' to the harbour and get your boat shipshape too.

Our new “Rigging the Red Boat” nautical textile picture adds a splash of cheerful coastal chic and is handmade in West Sussex using vintage fabrics.


This Spring we are embracing a simple minimalist approach to designing our interiors. Well thought out schemes have layouts with clear activities assigned to each organised space. This ensures our homes and offices have a spirit of calm and positive energy.

Top Drawer exhibition with PR Home stand

Top Drawer exhibition with PR Home stand

Natural architectural features are highlighted where possible to celebrate the period of the building.

Industrial materials such as steel, aluminium, brass, copper, cast iron and ceramic provide the functional structure for this years clean looking modern rooms that exude architectural elegance, durability and character of their own.

Fashionable metals in gold, silver, rose, bronze and copper add interest to textured wall backdrops in honest materials such as brick, wood, concrete and plaster and painted neutral colours.

Grand Illusions Top Drawer Tulips

Grand Illusions Top Drawer Tulips

The outdoors moving indoors concept continues to be a key theme this year. It is therefore a great idea to add boldly sized sculptural plants in a variety of ceramic and metallic pots throughout the house.

Added greenery generously injects colour and shape at an affordable price for everyone As well as looking naturally great they give the extra benefit of absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing healthy oxygen.

Environmentally friendly and reinvented furnishings can be seen in all the right places at the moment. Currently second hand, upcycled, vintage and recycled pieces are really desirable and add individuality and a relaxed style to contemporary living spaces. Plus they are good for the planet so what's not to love?

Create Display Flunting on  Apples Rug

Create Display Flunting on Apples Rug

This season handmade and hand painted fashion accessories and gifts for the home feature organic shapes and beautiful upbeat patterns.

Our handmade flunting garlands are made using recycled fabric are shown here on a Danish vintage wool Da Vinci apples rug and can be hung up easily to brighten up any plain wall.

As an antidote to all this seriously responsible design, we are ready to get excited about some light-hearted, pretty and fresh new furnishing trends when updating our pads ready for the warmer weather in the UK.

Create Display Textiles at Bosham Walk

Create Display Textiles at Bosham Walk

The Top Drawer show leads the way showcasing many colourful new products including acrylics and recycled plastics that will appear in shops in the UK from February. The colourful accessories on display are designed to add a rainbow of youthful fun to our interiors.

These stylish and sweet pieces are meant to add a twist and can be easily swapped or updated every year or so.

Power pastel colours are back in a big way for 2018 and available to add an uplifting dash of Spring joy to your life. Adding bright accents is de rigueur for everything from artwork to soft furnishings to kitchenware right now. Bosham Walk Art and Craft Centre in Chichester harbour in West Sussex has twenty unique craft shops and is a brilliant place to find delightfully special elements to add a finishing touch.

These high calorie candy hues should be enjoyed as a delicious visual treat but use them sparingly to prevent any of your room schemes becoming syrupy cocktails and unwittingly overpowering your decoration like a Barbies boudoir.

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